BNC History
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2015 12 Floated on the Korea Stock Exchange KONEX
8 Approval for Kyujel, Lidocaine (biomaterials for tissue repair) as a medical appliance
8 Signed sales contract for HA Filler with Chinese buisness B
6 Signed suppli contract for a year with American business A
2 Approval for Collagen Sponge (absorbent collagen covering materials for wound) as a medical appliance
2014 12 Acquisition of certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001
12 Daegu Techno Park ranked as one of the excellent companies occupied in Daegu
10 Won the grand prize of Asian Science Park Association
10 Won the bronze prize of a big celebration for creative economy in Daegu 
7 Named as a star company in Daegu
2013 5 CE certification/ acquisition of ISO13485 for an antisynechia (covering materials for deep wound in the coelom)
3 An antisynechia (covering materials for deep wound in the coelom) certified by GMP as a medical appliance 
1 Registration of a patent for manufacturing equipment and methods of particles in the hyaluronic acid derivatives 
2012 12 Received a success judgement on assignment for Local Strategy Development Project organized by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
9 CE certification/ acquisition of ISO 13485 for a filler for wrinkle care (HA FILLER) 
7 Permitted as a cosmetics manufaturing business and retail business
3 Head office moved to a larger facility in Daegu from one in Hyangnam-si, Gyeonggi 
1 A filler for wrinkle care certified by GMP as a medical appliance 
2011 12 A filler for wrinkle care (HA FILLER) accepted as a licensed item
2009 10 Assigned to a research on a carrier for the improvment of atopic dermatitis by Local Strategy -Development Project organized by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy 
7 Authentication of the laboratory affiliated with the company 
6 Authentication of a venture enterprise 
2008 1 Permission from kFDA as a Medical Appliance Manufacturing 
2007 8 BNC Korea Corporation established

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Business/ Marketing:42 Damyung Building 5th floor, Nonhyeon-ro 38-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 
Head office/ Laboratory: 62 Daegu Techno Venture Plant district 1, 405-ho, Seongseogongdan-ro 11-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Product inquiries (capital region) :02-3142-3900   Product inquiries (Noncapital region): 070-7116-0059  Corporate Registration Number: 124-86-58215 | CEO: Wangyu Choi
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